Single View Builder

by Realdolmen

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Build personalized graphical Single Views to get an instant 360° view of customers, quotes, cases...

With Single View Builder, you can build personalized and graphical Single Views to get an instant 360° view of customers, quotes, campaigns, cases, contracts, etc. by grouping any kind of information about any entity in one single screen using graphs, colors and icons. The solution consists of:

  • Tile View: visualize your information using personalized (Windows, Carousel) tiles: choose your icons, background colors, visual indicators and text placeholders.

  • Tree View: get a cross-entity hierarchical view with the dynamic, performance optimized Tree View pane: apply filters, change colors, add icons, ...

  • Timeline View: display and zoom in on past, current and due activities and events in the journey of a contact, lifecycle of a contract, case,... for any date or period.

  • Grid View: render items in a tabular layout based on view definitions found on the entity to display.

  • Map View: bring Google maps into your Single Views to display all leads around a contact to be visited or see the territory of an agent by analyzing its portfolio,…

  • Display process stages into your Single View.

  • Build Dynamic button pads: to create new related records to get a view on multiple opportunities and quotes with the actual status.

  • Group related entity info to roll up data in one screen.

  • Clone Option to support faster and more efficient Single View Builder project implementations.

  • All components are PCF Controls fully leveraging all capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform.

Single View Builder provides the CRM user with contextual high-value experiences exposing the value-add of all data readily available, enabling them to acquire better insights and take the appropriate decisions faster, while:

  • Seamlessly working with standard and custom entities.

  • Providing Single Views that are directly accessible from your records in Dynamics 365 Views or Dashboards.

  • Allowing to perform contextual ‘actions’ e.g. data access and creation, without the need for extra navigation between disparate data collections.

Top time-saving features include:

  • Seamlessly create and manage contextual data in one single screen.

  • Surface and visualize relevant data in an interpretable and actionable way.

  • Easy navigation between entities.

  • Quick access to all data without leaving your screen.

  • Faster data driven insights and decisions.

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