Technosoft Automotive Retail Solution

by Technosoft Automotive

Offer an exceptional customer experience in the automotive industry

Technosoft Yana Automotive CRM is a customer relationship management system invented to deliver a better automotive customer experience. By incorporating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform, Technosoft Yana Automotive CRM provides a complete 360-degree customer and vehicle view. It allows National Sales Companies (NSC), auto importers/distributors, and dealer groups to streamline sales pipeline management effectively. Furthermore, this intelligent CRM is equipped with better-targeted marketing campaign management, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Technosoft Automotive product capabilities

  1. Customer and Vehicle Management
  2. Sales Pipeline Management
  3. Marketing Campaign Management
  4. Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Customer Satisfaction Management

Comprehensive automotive CRM solution: Obtain 360-degree customer and vehicle insights

Enterprise mobility solutions: Promote remote working stations and handy features on all devices

Business intelligence: Technosoft Yana Automotive Solution and Microsoft Power BI present speedy data visualization

Technosoft Automotive CRM Benefits

  1. Ability to generate reports and share dashboards across different dealerships with an extensive overview of customer vehicle information
  2. Ability to update a complete list of leads in real-time from multiple customers’ touch points
  3. Ability to create lead nurturing campaigns
  4. Ability to consolidate customers’ feedback and behaviors
  5. Ability to apply data-driven insights in extending personalized customer experiences

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