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Generate incredibly dynamic templates and output documents instantly by answering questionnaires.

Are you still using find and replace to swap content within your document template? Are you piecing documents together from multiple files? If you answered yes to either question, this add-in is for you. BeyondDocs allows you to create a series of questions and conditions that will enable you to generate completely custom documents by simply answering a series of questions.

BeyondDocs is used for proposals, legal documents, agreements, certificates, letters, reports and more. This add-in allows for generating simple or highly complex documents with ease. Additionally, you can configure your templates all within Word!


- Question Designer - Ask a series of questions that will fill out the document automatically. You will never go back to "find and replace."

- Field Transformers - Depending on the answer of a question, you may need to make a word possessive, uppercase or even transform into a list.

- Conditions - If the criteria within the question meets the conditions, show a specified content block.

- Attachments - Package your final document with other documents or even PDFs (like a case study or appendix).

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