AvePoint Opus

by AvePoint Inc.

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Easily manage your information lifecycle with AvePoint Opus

Take control of your content, no matter where it lives.

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Key Benefits/Features:

  • Reduce Costs with Storage Optimization
Organizations are creating data at an unprecedented rate, leading to bloated databases and sky-high storage bills. Reduce costs and mitigate overage fees by configuring automated archiving rules to move content to cheaper storage helping you save significant amounts on your storage costs. With AvePoint Opus, you can maintain oversight of that archived content with comprehensive search, end user restore and additional lifecycle management options.
  • Embrace Next-Gen Content Lifecycle
Automate your content lifecycle, from creation to archival with a unified “single pane of glass” experience. Unlike solutions, AvePoint Opus keeps active and inactive data visible. Native support for Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint on-prem, file systems, and social media, along with a versatile connector framework, ensures you can manage all your content seamlessly, no matter where it resides. Access high-level data with an intuitive dashboard, and perform in-depth analysis with advanced reporting features.
  • AI-Powered Content at Scale
Scale your information management with AvePoint Maestro, the cutting-edge “conductor of classification” from AvePoint Opus. Our smart classification tool leverages machine learning modules to classify content at scale, independent of location or additional tools. As new content is added, Maestro continues to learn, ensuring consistent and efficient classification.

Backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, AvePoint Opus is IRAP Assessed, and VERS and NARA compliant. Questions? Contact AvePoint Sales.

Please Note: After purchasing a subscription, you must sign up for the product with a Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account to consent to applications from AvePoint. If you sign up with a user account, the “Need admin approval” page will appear to require an admin to grant permission to the application.

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