Curiosity Search

by Curiosity GmbH

Search and explore your company's knowledge in a modern platform ready to accelerate your business.

Modern Search for your Teams
Enterprise teams struggle with knowledge locked in silos, legacy tools, and outdated search systems. Curiosity lets you easily find all your information with an unified search and out-of-the-box data connectors. 
Curiosity is reimagining enterprise search to ensure teams have all their information at their fingertips. Curiosity offers a fast, modern search across all of each team's information, e.g. email, network drives, intranet, CRM databases, and many more.
Curiosity's search has helped customers increase team efficiency by up to 15% by reducing the time wasted on lengthy searches. That's like adding a full person to each team of eight. Curiosity also reduces re-work: Teams using our search have reduced time they spend "re-inventing the wheel" by as much as half. 

Hassle-free setup & maintenance 
Installation and data import can be done in days, and a fully custom configuration usually takes just a week or two. Curiosity also lets teams customize the knowledge graph and user interfaces to suit their data and needs using built-in configuration options directly from the browser (no code). 

Cutting-edge AI out of the box
The AI learns each team's jargon and improves over time. It helps users by expanding their searches with synonyms and abbreviations, and by finding similar information. It also builds a knowledge graph that helps users navigate and filter documents using abstract concepts.

Enterprise-grade security 
Curiosity has your data security at its core. Users only see information where they have permission, with a graph-native access permission model that is flexible, easy to understand and tightly integrated in the system. Under the hood, all your data is encrypted using the industry standard AES256, so that nothing hits the disk without being duly protected. Curiosity also supports on-premise installations, so all your data stays safe within your environment. 

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