Use AI and Machine Learning to deflect your emails and clear backlogs

SMART Email brings together powerful machine learning algorithms with human parity conversational AI to reduce pressure on your email inboxes. It can be deployed in your organisation to actively deflect inbound emails. By understanding meaning and intent, your inbound emails are intelligently triaged without the need for agent intervention.

Our SMART Email solution works best when combined with a powerful web based AI assistant that the user can be pointed towards to seek further help as part of an ongoing conversation. The web based assistant (SMART Chat) can be integrated into your other systems allowing increased automation and self service by your customers.

How it works

  1. We work with your team to identify your email types based on volume, complexity and resolution. These are then categorised so we can train our machine learning models to identify these at close to 100% accuracy.
  2. Once we're happy with these results we work collaboratively to identify how best to deflect each email category. Our AI then sends an automatic response in seconds with a text based answer, link to a local knowledge base or link to a third party resource.
  3. For more complicated processes we can deflect the user with a link to a human parity web based assistant (SMART Chat) that comes pre-loaded to answer or further support the user through to resolution.
  4. After the setup is tested thoroughly and all parties are happy we can start deflecting your emails in real time and work through backlogs.
  5. Once deployed our AI continues to improve as part of a supervised learning SMART Mesh of interconnected AI assistants.


  • Reduced email volumes: Less emails reach your inbox as the AI knows how and where to direct the user. Only get the emails that matter.
  • Quicker resolutions: As users self serve and are directed to the best answer, queries are resolved in minutes with no wait times.
  • Reduced costs: Save on man hours dedicated to first line support. Build your infrastructure plus help with retention and satisfaction of staff.
  • Improved user experience: Waiting times in hours and days become a thing of the past. Keep users on track with immediate and accurate support.


  • Pre-trained in user intents across hundreds of topics with thousands of variations. Little training time or build time needed.
  • Human parity AI understanding of natural language, understanding 90% of questions correctly without further clarification.
  • Supervised learning through our SMART Mesh network of connected AI Assistants that learn from each other.
  • Customised responses depending on best answer available; written response, link to knowledge base, link to relevant third party site or link to web based AI Assistant
  • Ethics and chit chat subsystems that protects your users and organisation equally to improve outcomes.
  • Integrated into your other systems for increased automation. Read and write data into your CRM, ticketing systems and other cloud based systems

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