Insource - Patient Pathway +

by Insource

Patient Pathway Plus - A single version of the truth for all patient activities

Patient Pathway + (PP+) provides what spreadsheets and BI systems can’t: a single version of the truth for all your patient pathway activities. By complementing and extending the functionality of your PAS or EPR system, it provides everything you need for seamless management of elective care pathways. PP+ is an incredibly powerful and capable software application that combines operational functionality with embedded BI. By centralising and standardising all pathway management activity, it enables collaborative working that reduces duplication of data entry, copy and pasting and manual processing. PP+ has been designed to cope with the pressure of elective care and managing the 18 week Referral to Treatment (RTT) pathway target, helping you to control and audit data to meet the demands set by governing bodies. Essentially, PP+ is a fast, sustainable and cost effective way to manage elective care pathways with minimum risk.

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