by IPsoft Incorporated

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Amelia is Conversational AI and acts as a digital employee for the Enterprise.

Amelia is the most comprehensive Conversational AI agent on the market. Far more than a bot service, Amelia is a cognitive software agent  who listens and interacts with people to solve problems. Using Machine Learning and proprietary algorithms, Amelia applies intelligent arbitration between the responses from a variety of subsystems to evaluate user utterances and decide how to respond.  She reads natural language, understands context, applies logic, infers implications, learns through experience, and senses emotions. Amelia can take on a wide variety of rote business and engineering tasks.   More sophisticated than a bot, Amelia is uniquely capable of handling human variance in her conversations.  Customers and employees communicate with Amelia via natural language (voice, chat) to resolve support issues or ask questions.  Amelia is omnichannel (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.), responds quickly and carries out tasks for users by connecting with back-office applications (e.g. Dynamics365). Clients have deployed Amelia as a digital employee for IT Service Desk, HR, Customer Care/Service in various industries including Banking, Insurance, Telco, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Utilities, and Public Sector. She delivers relevant, personalized support efficiently, freeing up humans to focus on high-value tasks.

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