Outcome Data Platform

by LynxCare

AI-powered Big Data platform for hospitals and clinics

For innovating clinical leaders and hospital management demanding accurate clinical insights to improve efficiency and patient care,
while eliminating the hassles, inefficiencies & threats of current data practices,

LynxCare's Outcome Data Platform sets the new standard for conducting clinical research and data-driven care.

By leveraging AI & NLP, LynxCare's platform enables hospitals & clinics to transform their existing data (text, HL7, PDF, .. ) into insights without the need for double data entry. In addition, the platform allows remote capture of patient-reported outcomes to generate a complete view on the quality of care provided.

These insights are used for:
1. Continuous monitoring of the Quality of Care
2. Demonstration of superior outcomes & benchmarking
3. Outcome driven optimization of clinical pathways
4. Research & Disease discovery


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