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Let AI write your clinical notes, patient summaries, medical letters, reports and more.


PatientNotes redefines clinical documentation through advanced AI, offering healthcare professionals a seamless way to generate, manage, and utilize clinical notes. Designed for allied health professionals, PatientNotes streamlines note-taking, report writing, and patient care plans, allowing for more focused patient interaction and care.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Note Generation: Instantly create detailed, personalized clinical notes, reducing time spent on documentation.
  • Comprehensive Care Summaries: Generate actionable summaries and care plans to empower patients with clear next steps.
  • Efficient Medical Letter Writing: Quickly produce medico-legal reports, referral letters, and administrative documents.
  • Customizable Sessions: Tailor your documentation process with options for initial, follow-up, and custom sessions, adaptable to various specialties.
  • HIPAA Compliant & Secure: Ensure the privacy and security of your data with our commitment to HIPAA compliance and robust encryption measures.
  • Universal Access: Browser-based software allows access from any device, ensuring flexibility and mobility for healthcare providers.
  • Integration Ready: Seamlessly connect with Cliniko, Nookal, and more for streamlined workflows and better patient management.
  • Collaborative Tools: Enhance team efficiency with features designed for easy collaboration and sharing among colleagues.
  • AI for clinical notes, medical letters, reports and patient summaries (A.I. SOAP notes, AI progress notes, AI chart notes, AI discharge summaries, AI consult notes)

Why PatientNotes?

  • Save Precious Time: Reduce hours spent on paperwork, focusing more on patient care.
  • Improve Note Quality: Enhance the accuracy and detail of your clinical notes with AI-assisted documentation.
  • Data Security: With a strong focus on encryption and compliance, your patient data is in safe hands.
  • Flexibility: Whether you're in the clinic or on the go, PatientNotes is readily accessible across all your devices.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Deliver clearer communication and actionable plans for your patients, improving their healthcare journey.

Getting Started

PatientNotes is easy to implement within your practice. With our straightforward setup process, you can be up and running in no time, enjoying the benefits of AI-powered clinical documentation. Our support team and comprehensive resources ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.

Join the Future of Healthcare Documentation

Embrace the innovation that PatientNotes brings to clinical documentation. Spend less time on notes and more time with your patients. Transform your practice with PatientNotes today.

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