SyAudit™ for Medical Record Audits

by SyTrue

Your solution for Payment Integrity.

SyTrue is the leader in modernizing payer workflows to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Developed by clinicians and data scientists with deep healthcare domain expertise, SyTrue’s solutions boost the productivity of review teams and generate higher ROI on chart reviews through greater accuracy, speed, repeatability and scalability.

Processing more than 10 Billion medical records to day, SyTrue works with top-tier health plans and service providers to transform payment integrity programs from a center of cost to profit in 90 days. Your program may be suffering if:

  • Auditors scroll through thousands of pages of medical records to find key data elements.
  • Auditors need to familiarize themselves with language use in each new claim they open.
  • You don't have a streamlined way to present unstructured data for auditors to quickly collect key findings.

SyAudit™ for Medical Record Audits

  • Cascades medical records and transforms unstructured data (PDF, Tiff, JPEG) into structured findings catered to specific audit workflows
  • Standardizes human language to medical terminologies (CPT, HCPCS, SNOMED, RxNorm, etc)
  • Identifies document types and sections of the record where pertinent data is located

  • Intuitive User Interface compliments coder skills to get them to the data they need more efficiently

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