TCS Service Level Enhancement Solution

by TCS - Consumer Goods

Touchless order management and algorithmic allocation for case fill rate management.

TCS’ Service Level Enhancement enables better customer service through collaboration of CPG companies & their downstream supply chain partners. Service Level Enhancement is a technology agnostic, modular, scalable & configurable solution that provides Supply Chain Transformation with its wide range of solution features. It improves supply chain KPIs such as Case Fill Rate & On Shelf Availability.

The main aim of any supply chain is to make the right product available, at the right place and at the right time or in the business terms to have an optimized service level. There are various challenges which deter companies from achieving this. Some of the customer pain areas are lack of mechanism to capture order information, lack of business priority-based material code selection to identify right product to be delivered, latency in master data updating across supply chain entities, lack of system driven alerts and notifications for identifying process disruptions to name a few. With evolution of technologies, it has become possible to bridge the gap and to have complete visibility of inventory across the supply chain.

TCS’ Service Level Enhancement solution is a one-stop shop that fulfils all the needs of distribution management of an organization. It is a unique cloud-based solution to improve the overall downstream supply chain performance and collaboration across stakeholders. The solution captures purchase order demand and fulfilment at retailer channel, helping businesses to track near real-time service level.

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