Reflexis Workforce Scheduler Shifts Connector

by Zebra Technologies Corporation

Reflexis Workforce Scheduler Shifts Connector

Microsoft and Zebra have joined forces to improve frontline worker experience at the edge

Microsoft Teams is an enterprise communications platform designed from the ground up to put the right resources in the right hands at the right time, while safeguarding organizational and customer data. Zebra’s Reflexis platform is the industry leading workforce management and task management solution that helps organizations simplify frontline operations and optimize labor decisions with the power of AI.

Now, Reflexis Workforce Scheduler can connect to Microsoft Teams. With the Shifts connector, organizations can use Microsoft Teams as their primary communication platform to leverage the advanced capabilities of Reflexis. Together, Zebra and Microsoft are creating a streamlined experience for frontline workers that drives greater worker engagement, higher productivity, and ultimately, happier customers.

Key Points:

  • Real-time syncing of work schedules between Microsoft Teams and Reflexis
  • Reduction in the time spent jumping from application to application
  • Enable frontline workers to engage customers and perform other high-value activities

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