Advanced Spanish Taxes for Dynamics 365

by Axazure

Complement the tax module for Dynamics 365 Finance implementations in Spain.

Be able to generate the telematic file of models 180, 190 and 415 in an agile and simple way.

Model 180

Submit the informative declaration of withholdings and payments on account from Dynamics 365 Finance, declaring the annual summary of surpluses from the lease of urban real estate through the standard books of the Tax module.

Model 190

If you are obliged to withhold or pay into the IRPF (Personal Income Tax) account, you can present this model annually in an agile and simple way from the Dynamics 365 Finance Tax module itself.

Model 415

Submit electronically the annual declaration of economic operations, which includes the operations carried out throughout the calendar year subject to the General Indirect Canarian Tax (IGIC) from Dynamics 365 Finance, enhancing the standard Tax module.

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