Remote Frontline Worker (Offline Apps): 1-wk POC

Alfa Connections Pte Ltd

Frontline workers who are stationed in remote locations with little to no internet connectivity often gets left out in the digitalization process. Enable them now with offline Power Apps

Through the experience of working with our customers, we realize in the pool of underserved frontline workers, there are remote frontline workers who are based in remote locations with little to no internet connectivity. Without enabling them with the right tools and technology, it can often bring 3 main issues:

  • Loss of precious business data that could be leveraged to make key business decisions
  • Disconnected workflow and processes that are already digitalized at the information worker level
  • Further discourages the adoption of technology for frontline workers

Leverage on our "Proof-of-Concept Challenge”

Rapid Development and Deployment of Customized Apps & Business Workflows

Tell us about your challenges and pain points of enabling your remote frontline worker. One of the most exciting offers that we have for our customers is the "POC Challenge". Other than the fact that it is free of charge with no obligations, it only requires a short timeline to able to see a working prototype*. With many years of experience since the launch of Power Apps, our regional development team housed across southeast Asia is able to deliver a mock-up or POC within a short period of 1 week. Here are some quick use case examples (not limited to) that work best for this challenge:

  • Paper/PDF forms that are manually collected either physically or through email
  • Approval processes that rely on the identity of any personnel or employee in your organization
  • Operational processes that have a high volume of records and valuable data being captured in real-time

*Timeline varies depending on the complexity of requirement from customer

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