Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Donor & Supporter Management: 1-Hr Briefing


This one hour exploratory briefing allows you to understand how to efficiently manage your volunteers, donors, and/or participants for research ,fundraising or other activities.

Join us for a one-hour exploratory meeting to discuss the challenges faced by your organisation, and decide if Microsofts Cloud for Nonprofit is a viable option for your particular business need and use case. Microsoft's cloud has robust security and can scale from the smallest nonprofit to the largest, giving small nonprofits the same capability as larger organisations. Our Nonprofit Accelerator comes with many standardised templates for data tables, workflows and business logic that will give Nonprofits the foot-up when getting started and allow you to hit the ground running.

This solution offers:

  • Centralised data management
  • streamlined, efficient processes and automation
  • communication integrations (SMS, social media, email)
  • Donor & Supporter info tracking and real-time data
  • Accurate, transparent, secure and easily accessible data used for mission-critical outcomes.

This one-hour collaborative discussion with a Solution Architect will help you assess:

  • Your most significant pain points
  • Current systems and larger infrastructure
  • Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit
  • Nonprofit Accelerator & Licensing
  • Proof of Concepts, Pilots and other possible engagements

We have helped Nonprofits manage participants, staff and donors in driving funds and allocating resources and communication strategies. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit empowers scalable and transformative mission impact by helping nonprofit organisations engage with participants, volunteers, donors, and supporters, and delivers effective programming while accelerating mission outcomes. The right solution requires a unified approach that allows companies to automatically leverage their data to decide and act in real-time with expanded analytics, predictive algorithms, and automated AI.

This offer is free because it is exploratory in nature for both you and us to see if the tech is a suitable match for the requirement.

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