Information Management: Clean-up, Back-up & Governance 3-month Assessment

Engage Squared

The SharePoint Online Clean-up, Back-up & Governance engagement will help you to understand your data and make informed decisions about how to manage it.

Managing storage limitations is increasingly becoming a common challenge for Microsoft 365 users, primarily due to the rapid accumulation of large volumes of data, extensive version histories in document libraries, and the storage of high-resolution media and video files, all of which can quickly consume available storage space and impact overall system performance. This offering has been designed for organisations seeking to significantly reduce their SharePoint Online storage footprint, enabling a more streamlined and cost-effective use of their Microsoft 365 investment.

This engagement has 3 phases:

Phase 1: Analyse & recommend

    We’ll review your data on SharePoint Online and recommend what you should do with it, aligning to your business requirements, policies and licensing. We’ll develop a high-level SharePoint Online data governance plan to support ongoing management of your data including best practice and industry standards.

Phase 2: Clean-up help

    We'll support your team to implement approved recommendations from phase one to reduce to SharePoint Online storage footprint. This includes change management and communications.

Phase 3: Automation

    We’ll provide options to support ongoing governance through automation, applications and configuration of SharePoint Premium Advanced Management features.

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