Power BI Analytics: 32-Hour Workshop & Asessment

IT-Dev sp. z o.o.

Power BI Analytics workshops help identify data analysis problems and inspire participants to seek Power BI-based solutions, addressing major challenges and ensuring a return on investment.

Leveraging years of experience in implementing reporting solutions using Power BI for clients of various sizes and industries, we have developed an approach that minimizes risks related to user adoption, incorrect functional scope definition, and low return on investment.

The goal of the Power BI Workshop & Asessment is to identify and plan which functionalities and applications can be implemented by the client to achieve significant business benefits and a quick return on investment.

Workshop Structure: During the workshop, we discuss solutions that address the most common data analysis challenges using Power BI. These workshops also aim to define the needs and problems faced by business area owners and determine how they can be addressed within the Power BI framework

The workshop consists of the following stages: Inspiration: Presenting the vision of using Power BI for comprehensive data analysis, including functional areas, optimal scenarios, and ways of working with the solution to inspire participants. Identification:Identifying problems and potential improvements based on the workshop survey and scenarios presented in the first part of the workshop. Classification:Classifying identified requirements in the context of the functional and business areas of the Power BI solution. Prioritization:Prioritizing classified requirements in the context of organizational goals by business area owners and project sponsors.

MoSCoW Survey: Based on the identified and categorized requirements, an online MOSCOW survey will be prepared and made available to participants for evaluation.

Final Report: The final product of the Workshops is a long-term implementation plan for the Data Analysis Solutions.


  • Empower your team to solve their own data analysis challenges.
  • Gain hands-on experience with minimal time and financial investment.
  • Identify the use case and data to apply Power BI towards realizing actual benefits.
  • Conclude with documentation and recommendations for team members to continue evolving the solution.


How can we ensure the success of a workshop? The success of any workshop heavily depends on the completion of a survey by participants, which will help tailor the workshop to the client's context.

How many people can participate in the workshop? There is a limit of 10 attendees per session to ensure each participant can fully reach their potential and receive appropriate individual attention.

Knowledge of what types of technologies would be ideal for the workshop? No technical knowledge is required due to the nature of the training, but familiarity with Excel or other data analysis tools is beneficial.

How long is the workshop? The inspiration part of the workshop lasts 2 hours with the possibility of extension, but the workshop also includes other aspects such as survey result analysis, report writing, and organizational tasks.

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