Lightstream Threat Protection Assessment and Deployment Roadmap


Leveraging Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Cloud Security Benchmark (MCSB)

This cybersecurity solution, leveraging Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Cloud Security Benchmark (MCSB) insights, aims to bolster an organization's defense across endpoint protection, cloud security, identity management, and vulnerability management. The offering includes:

Integration and Optimization of Microsoft Defender Suite: Enhancing Microsoft Defender for endpoint, email, vulnerability, identity, cloud app, and cloud workload security. It emphasizes real-time threat detection, advanced threat protection for Office 365, vulnerability management, identity-based threat defense, shadow IT visibility, and cloud workload security.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment: Involves reviewing and optimizing endpoint protection, adjusting attack surface reduction rules, implementing ransomware and network threat defenses, and ensuring exploit and tamper protection.

Architecture Design and Deployment: Crafting a custom security architecture that includes a strategic deployment plan tailored to the organization's needs and industry standards.

Email Security and Compliance: Setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for improved email security and deliverability.

Deliverables and Follow-up: Providing a detailed assessment report, strategic security roadmap, best practice guidelines, and follow-up consultations.

Best Practices and Industry Compliance: Ensuring practices align with cybersecurity standards and role-based access control, incorporating compliance with industry standards.

Deliverables Include: Endpoint Protection and Office 365 Security Configuration Reports: Recommendations for optimizing threat detection and advanced threat protection. Vulnerability Management and Identity Protection Strategies: Action plans for managing vulnerabilities and identity-based threats. Cloud App Security and Cloud Security Enhancement Plans: Guides for managing shadow IT and securing cloud workloads. Cybersecurity Settings Review and ASR Rules Evaluation Reports: Optimizations for endpoint protection and adjustments for threat exposure reduction. Ransomware/Network Threat Defense Strategy and Exploit/Tamper Protection Guides: Implementations for ransomware protection and exploit mitigation. Custom Security Architecture Blueprint and Phased Deployment Plan: Tailored architecture incorporating Microsoft Defender solutions. Email Security Configuration Guide: Instructions for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configurations. Detailed Assessment Report and Strategic Security Roadmap: Comprehensive cybersecurity posture assessment and action plan. Best Practice Guidelines and Compliance Report: Documentation on best practices and compliance strategies. MCSB Integration Analysis: Insights on aligning with NIST, CIS, and PCI standards through Azure features and Microsoft Defender capabilities. This suite of deliverables aims to provide actionable insights, robust defenses, and comprehensive compliance strategies, addressing complex cybersecurity and regulatory challenges with a holistic approach.

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