Securing Identities Workshop

Synergy Technical, LLC

The foundation of cybersecurity is to quickly and accurately identify authorized users and give them proper access to the information and tools they need to do their job.

Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and support to get you started with the necessary identity tools in Microsoft 365. Microsoft's identity solution is built on Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory - Azure AD), a cloud-based user identity and authentication service that is included with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Our services and tools will help protect your authorized users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage file access while still giving users the freedom to collaborate with others. We will help you maximize your investment in Microsoft Defender, Azure AD (Entra), etc.

Given the complexity of identities, data, apps, and devices, it’s essential to learn how to ensure the right people are accessing the right information, securely. In this workshop, we’ll show you how identity is the fundamental pillars of an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end security strategy.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand your identity goals & objectives
  • Define your existing & desired identity security
  • Provide insights into apps used within your environment (sanctioned & unsanctioned by IT)
  • Showcase core IT & user security scenarios through demos
  • Develop a joint action plan based key results, recommendations & next steps

When it comes to identity and access management, you need an experienced partner. Synergy Technical has a long history of delivering successful cloud and on-premises security solutions to customers. With experience in all 50 states and 70+ countries, we have the technical expertise to get you up and running fast.

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