Aico Journals for D365 Finance

by Aico Group Oy

Journal entry process management and automation tool for D365 Finance

Create, validate, and automate accounting journal entries

Journal entry and process management in D365 is good, but ever wondered if it could be better? Aico Journals gives you an added layer of control, process harmonization as well as automation to make it better. Maybe you struggle with a complex environment including different ERP technology in other parts of the business, or a mixed set up with some parts of the company on older versions. Aico Journals can integrate with leading ERP systems in real-time. This means we provide you with a single view and audit trail, into the manual journals being posted across the group allowing for harmonized processes and integrated controls for single and multi-ERP environments.

Aico Journals for D365 Finance & Operations focuses on Journal Entry process management & automation. Designed for Journal entry processes it includes improvements in every step of manual journal entry processes, replacing slow, arduous and complex work with fast and efficient processes and embedded controls. Aico Journals for D365 comes with real time API-integration for D365 and a fully configurable powerful dashboards for complete visibility.

Key benefits of Aico Journal Entries solution:


Aico speeds up the process by enabling accountants to:

  • create new journals from configurable templates and validate all data fields in real-time against ERP
  • creating new journals as copies from previous journal entries
  • post and approve a batch of accrual journals as one, instead of multiple journals to approve.
  • eliminate endless switching between companies, ERP instances and excel sheets

  • Streamlined workflows

    Aico improves workflows and eliminates journal approval bottleneck by:

  • Displaying tasks and responsibilities in real-time
  • Customizing amount of required approvals and approvers for various journals
  • Distributing workload and responsibilities within the team
  • Fully configurable option to allow for posting before approval for the end of month crunch


    Aico reduces error prone manual work with:

  • Recurring journal, allocation journal, accrual journal automation
  • Journal reversal date automation
  • Journal approval automation
  • Connect to and pull data directly in real time from the underlying ERP system or systems without any need for exporting files.


    Aico offers easy access to audit trail by:

  • All journals, files and attachments are stored digitally
  • Automatic archiving of document data and supporting evidence
  • At a glance