Stripe for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance - TAPP

by Bluefort

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance integration with STRIPE - Free Payment Automation and payment gateway



You have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, so you understand the amazing features that it offers. BUT, it’s time to go further and forever solve one of your biggest headaches – customer payments.

And that's why we created this Stripe integration platform for TAPP.

Stripe is one of the world’s best payment processors, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • 135+ supported currencies and payment methods

  • 250 million requests processed a day

  • $10 billion in goods moved each year

Stripe is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Amazon, BMW and Maersk.

Whether it’s one-off or recurring payments, you deserve to say goodbye to that outstanding receivables list.

Imagine no more mistakes in payments. No more awkward emails or phone calls chasing payments. No more waiting to get paid the money you're owed.

With Bluefort TAPP for Stripe, you can get paid on time, every time.

And it's so easy for your customers too. This is all they have to do:

  • Set up a Stripe account

  • Connect it to TAPP

  • Stripe payments are then enabled in TAPP.

That's it. They get a personalized, hassle-free experience using their preferred payment method. This cuts churn.

And for you, the whole processes is automated. TAPP creates the invoice, Stripe collects the payments and the funds are paid out to you Then TAPP reconciles the payments back to the customer invoice and handles the stripe fees.

The best part? Bluefort' TAPP for Stripe grows as you grow. Going global has never been easier because Stripe works across 130 countries. This means you can collect all their payments into one bank account and settle it all in your home currency.

And here’s that one thing that makes it all possible- automation.

This seamless and hassle-free app will free you from menial day-to-day tasks and give you back the time you need to grow the business.

And, unlike other products, this platform solution also works across all Dynamics 365 platforms – Finance & Supply Chain Management, Dynamics for Sales, and Business Central.

Why wait a moment longer? Why keep things more difficult than they have to be?

Get your money paid automatically and much faster. Get your time back. Free up your time for Free. Get Bluefort for Stripe.

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