EDI Connector for Dynamics 365 and AX

by Inway Systems GMBH

EDI-Integration in your Dynamics: For a faster business processes by connecting business partners

Inway's EDI Connector exchanges data directly between Dynamics AX and 365 and your businesspartners' computer systems.

The Challenge

Many paper-based business transactions across several agents/media take up to several days. Therefore, electronic data exchange is already established in many industries. Winning a large customer often means participating in predefined exchange procedures.

Thus, electronic data exchange provides highly efficient communication for companies with many business partners.

The solution

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) replaces paper documents such as quotations,invoices, shipping notifications, etc., with electronic documents. These are transmitted worldwide in a standard format between business partners so both sender and recipient can read the document. The advantage of EDI is that it is an exchange directly between ERP systems.

Business transactions can be accelerated as electronic documents will be automatically integrated into other business systems.

The EDI Connector is a clever addition to Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 Supply Chain Management for easy electronic communication with your business partners. This add-on already includes the most common message types.

Your benefits

  • Faster transactions - instead of several days of processing, exchange documents within minutes
  • Improved data quality by avoiding multiple entries
  • Improved business relationships through faster and more flexible response times
  • Penetrating new markets with rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365
  • Many message types already included in the default system
  • Easily extendable with new message types
  • Simple integration of new tradingpartners

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