KCP Dominican Republic Localization D365 Finance

by KCP Dynamics

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Dominican Republic fiscal requirements and taxes defined by DGII for Dynamics 365 Finance

Each country has its tax and fiscal regulations in which it is required to comply with those requirements by adapting the software to government requirements.

KCP DYNAMICS has developed the followig offer:  “KCP LOCALIZATION PACK DR FOR DYNAMICS 365 Finance” which is the adaptation of regulations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance for Dominican Repupublic. It guarantees all the accounting / fiscal requirements of the country in Dynamics 365

Our Location for Dynamics 365 allows use the application, control and issuance of formats according to the legal and tax requirements of the Dominican Republic.


  • Quick and easy configuration at the time of acquisition of KCP location package.
  • Standard processes that allow the user to continue with the knowledge acquired in different versions of AX
  • Official reports to the DGII (Tax department) in physical, magnetic media, Excel and flat files.
  • Developed under the best practices of Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Regular updating of the changes issued by the DGII (Tax department)

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