RSM Retail Special Order Raincheck Management

by RSM Product Sales LLC

Improve retail customer service with customer special orders and rainchecks.

Retailers often provide their customers with extended catalogs for items that they do not carry. This service drives store traffic and increases sales, but is costly and difficult to manage. In addition, retailers are frequently caught off guard by customer’s reaction to promotions and end up selling out. As a service, many retailers offer a raincheck to customers to extend the discount at a later date which is expensive and challenging to manage.

RSM’s Retail Special Order Raincheck Management solution automates and streamlines this process through a central management hub and includes the following features:

    • Raincheck processing workbench
    • Special order processing workbench
    • Raincheck and special order replenishment processes
    • Notifications for delivery and cancellation for special order and rainchecks

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