Elster data transfer per ERIC to german tax office

by BE-terna

Transfer sales tax and recapitulative summary (EU saleslist) to german tax office

Easy & Save: Transfer sales tax data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

The Elster Transfer module supports data transfer directly to german tax office using ERIC software (Elster RIch Client). Like using Elster portal the authorisation uses user specific certificates.
With this module sales tax (UStVA) and recapitlative summary (EU saleslist, ZM, Zusammenfassende Meldung) data could be sent to german tax office. Further data could be implemented on request.
For VAT transfer both versions per declaration protocol and electronic messages are supported.

Elster Modul supports management of ERIC software and user certificates.


Transfer data just in time directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to german tax office without download and manual login in Elster portal.
  • Sending sales tax data just in time
  • Provide and sending recapitulative summary data


  • Maintain always the latest ERIC software package from german tax office without updating Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations environments
  • Manage user certificates for safe and secure data transfer
  • Sending sales tax XML file from Dynamics 365 Finanace and Operations just per mouse click
  • Providing recapitulative summary data XML file and send per mouse click.

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This module is available in English (ENU), German (DEU),

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