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AMC Technology

The 1st Cloud Framework for Dynamics & Call Center Integration + Advanced CX / CTI Features

AMC Technology’s latest offering, DaVinci, provides groundbreaking technology to improve the efficiency of your contact center and use of Microsoft Dynamics in two ways. First, the flexibility of DaVinci Creators Studio gives you the ability to create your ideal contact center by adding and configuring a variety of pre-existing and custom apps to your profile, supporting premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Secondly, DaVinci Agent provides advanced CTI features like screen pop, click-to-dial, call activities and contextual call controls for more productive agents and happier customers.


Add and configure pre-existing or custom apps to integrate with your Dynamics CRM
  • Advanced CRM functionality like screen pop, call activities, click-to-dial, reporting, contextual call controls and more
  • Easy deployment of 5 – 5,000,000 agents
  • Support for Premise Communications Platforms from Avaya, Cisco, and Aspect through Picasso, AMC’s Contact Canvas premise offering
  • Benefits:

    Advanced toolbar features improve the efficiency of your contact center and customer service
  • Quick configuration allows you to be up and running quickly
  • Complete flexibility in the apps you choose and configuration of agents
  • Channel Integration Framework (CIF) and USD are both supported