Convert Custom Entities into Operational Forms

by B&B Information Technologies Services Ltd.

Form submission, approval, rejection through visualized flows with advance logging and notification

Power Stages allows users to convert custom entities into forms and adds flows through rules and
You can quickly setup submit, reject and/or approve functions for certain team or user and create
display, button or flow rules for defined stages.

If you are looking turn key solution for your submission-based forms, just buy Power Stages and
start using it immediately. No extra administration, operational, management, customization,
development efforts require and no need to invest in any hardware.

We define
1 - Configuration part for custom entities
You can configure your custom entities to be ready for form approval
2 - Condition
You can set rules for selected team or user
3 - Rules
o - Stage Flow Rules
configure steps to be used in custom entity, based on “Record Status” such as
sending to next or sanding back to previous step.
o Button Rules
display Submit, Reject and/or Approve buttons in the form based on
Team/User and Stage conditions
o Display Rules
define fields level appearance per Team/User and Stage Conditions like
Mandatory, Visibility or Editability

At a glance