Manage all the activities such as appointments, tasks, calls and many more from one calendar

Manage all your CRM activities from a single screen right from your CRM with our Activity Calendar. Manage activities like appointments, calls, meetings, tasks, etc. along with multiple filters of Users, Teams, Activities, Facility-equipment, Contacts, etc. The right activity calendar with exclusive features like multiple-language support, mobile compatibility, drag and drop reschedule, resource scheduling and many more.

Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit Appjetty for trial.

Challenges our Calendar 365 Help Overcome

  • Shared Calendar: By using this Activity Calendar, you and your team members can share their calendar with other team members or superiors as required.
  • Productivity Tracker: Understand your team members and their daily activities by overviewing their daily schedules/activities and their attended activities.
  • Resource Utilization: Easily find the availability of the resources and plan their schedules to utilize their skills and time fully.
  • Duplication Detection: When any two resources collide for a single slot or single resource for different slots, it can be easily identified and resolved accordingly.

Power Features of Activity Calendar

  • All Activity Management: All default activities like tasks, appointments, phone calls, service and campaigns as well as custom activity entities like Birthdays, Events, etc. can be created and managed using our Dynamics 365 Activity calendar.
  • Resource Scheduling: Update your available, break, and leave time in Dynamics CRM with our AppJetty Scheduler
  • Default and Custom Activity Management: All default activities as well as custom activity entities can be created and managed using our Dynamics 365 Activity calendar
  • Drag and Drop to Reschedule: Easily create, assign, or re-assign activities through hassle-free drag and drop functionality.
  • Reminders: Get timely activity reminders through notification as well as email before the start of the activity.
  • Multiple Views Formats: View all the activities in multiple views including Gantt view, Timeline view, Top-Down view, and Agenda view.
  • Quick Operations: Perform actions like update, Copy, or Re-assign any event, Mark activity as complete, Convert to case, lead, and opportunity with a single click right from the calendar.
  • Calendar for customers: Manage calendar with specific activities related to customers, opportunities, leads, cases, quotes, sales orders, and invoices.
  • Work Reports - View count of individual resources’ activities for better visibility and management with work reports.
  • Assign Default/Required Record: Assign some default or optional records for each appointment to make the must-have records for appointments available without any hassle.
  • Start/End Date: Admin can dynamically configure various attributes related to the date like Modified Event, Scheduled Activity, etc. as the Start Date and End Date as required in Calendar.
  • 12/24 Hour Format: Get to choose between the 12-hour format and 24-hour format to display to users.
  • Leave Requests/Approvals: Enable your resources to apply for leaves from within the calendar. Manager can approve leave requests straight from within the calendar.
  • Desktop Notifications: Give your users and resources the right way to stay abreast of events with real-time updates in the form of desktop notifications.

To know more about our Dynamics 365 Activity Calendar, contact us with your requirements and our Dynamics 365 Experts will approach you in no time with a perfect-fit solution for you.

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