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Location Insights

C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd


Location Insights

Customers are increasingly embracing digital means of communication ranging from text-based services, automated voice responses, self-service through internet and kiosks. At the same time, for important and urgent services we still prefer human interactions, and often insist on face-to-face meetings. With time becoming increasingly scarce and commuting time increasing, the customers are no longer willing to visit you to resolve this issues. Rather, they expect your organization to come to them.
CCentric's Location Insight helps you identify the best qualified and available resource for the job and ensures immediatge assignment. The solution integrates with your customer-management processes and streamlines location-based assignments.

The solution:

  • Shows all field force available for the job
  • Recommends the resources based on the competence, skills or any other qualifying parameters
  • Shows distance and time to reach the customer destination on a real-time basis
  • Considers the current appointment while recommending availability.
  • Allows you to call the field personnel, discuss the requirement and then assign.
  • Sends assignment details to the to the field user immediately and tracks progress


  • Versatile and extensible -the solution works on any entity & any business process. Can be configured for sales processes, service management, scheduling breakdown or emergency services, collection management, field surveyors etc.
  • Easy definition of complex rules -Our solution ensures that the assignment happens to the BEST field executive. All parameters like work experience, product knowledge, no of open work items are taken into account to evaluate his eligibility. The users can configure these parameters to create the most efficient assignment process.
  • Real time collaboration -allows real-time communication between the field, the central team and the customer. The central team can initiate a conversation with the field user right from inside the app. The customer is also updated on a regular basis.
  • Ready extension to your CRM solution -This is a bolt-on to our CRM solutions built on Dynamics CRM 365.. It enhances the business processes already set in CRM