Cemantica Customer Journey Management Platform

by Cemantica

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A Customer Journey Mapping Platform that empowers brands to deliver great customer experiences

An innovative customer experience management platform to scale with your business goals

End-to-end customer experience software from strategy to execution

Brought to you by CCXP professionals, Cemantica covers the end-to-end CX Program management cycle, moving from journey mapping to journey management.

The platform is natively integrated with your familiar apps Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to provide instant data ingestion from your customer engagement activities and business analysis using Power BI.

Start with journey mapping as a first step and then manage the outcomes. Whenever you’re ready, connect your VoC data (for example customer feedback from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and interactions from Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Marketing and Sales) directly in your maps. And finally open the ROI module to calculate the financial impact of your CX projects.

More than a customer journey mapping tool, with Cemantica you can build solid CX fundamentals and deploy different modules we offer at your own pace as you go and grow.

Cemantica is also used to support Employee Experience (EX) programs, assisting with mapping and improving the end-to-end employee / organization relationship cycle from onboarding to offboarding.
Organizations running CX Programs often find that a parallel EX approach is needed, so Cemantica can be used to capture employee feedback related to the customer journey.
By mapping the Service Blueprint, a holistic view identifies frictions that impact both customers and employees that arise from internal issues (business processes, information systems etc.).

Cemantica main feature areas

  • Build and share your CX strategy for your CX programs to reflect your brand values and goals from the start
  • Define, develop and personalize your Personas
  • Create, manage and connect Customer Journey Maps to surface frictions, insights and key moments of truth
  • Connect VoC and operational data to continuously enrich your journey maps with real life information
  • Define and prioritize Solutions and Opportunities from your Journey Map insights at each touchpoint
  • Develop and manage your CX Program with easy collaboration on actions and projects arising from your Opportunities and Solutions
  • Use ROI & Analytics with BI reporting to measure and monitor the financial impact of your CX programs and support alignment with business goals

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