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Duplicate Detection for Dynamics 365

Cowia Solutions
Prevent duplicates in Dynamics CRM and easy clean-up of existing duplicates

Default duplicate detection in Dynamics 365 can only match duplicates on those records that the user is allowed to read. This can be a problem for some companies where the same record already exists in another business unit that the user is not allowed to read/see. Duplicate Detection add-on can help solve this problem.

Duplicate Detection add-on warns users when creating records thereby preventing them from creating duplicate records (you can override warning if necessary). Setting it to prevent new duplicates will help prevent duplicate entries from being created not only during user entry but also during migration and integration from different data sources.

Every Dynamics 365 system would benefit from this add-on. If you already have duplicates, you can use “Auto/Bulk merge” which is one of the most wanted features of this add-on. It can save many hours by merging duplicates using bulk merge compared to default where you need to click on each duplicate to process. Bulk Merge works on all entities.

This is a 'must have' add-on, if you don't believe us, try the add-on for free anytime and check it out for yourself, the free version has these two restrictions:

1.Bulk merge up to 10 rows per bulk detection job

2.One active duplicate detection rule'