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Zoom into Key Accounts with the simplest Account Planner ever!

Account Planner is an interactive, visual representation of everything you need to know to make strategic decisions. Click the Contact Me button on the right to get started with a 15-day trial right away!

A visual, single page app that lets you -

  • Grow your Accounts by creating a landscape & identifying Buying Centers within the account and map them with the right products/solutions.
  • Anticipate opportunities, build the right capacities, align resources
  • See where you are selling (or not) offering wise and customer wise
  • View your active opportunities, businesses and dead-end areas at a glance
  • Identify focus areas by marking your whitespaces
  • Map the competition, if any
  • Build account strategy
  • Set and track revenue goals

Installation Notes

Please note that Account Planner by DemandFarm only works with MS Dynamics 365 (API V9.1) and above. Older versions of MS Dynamics CRM are not supported.

Also, to install this application, you will one of require Global Administrator, System Administrator or System Customizer access. Please refer the Installation Guide for further details.

Contact Us

If you require technical assistance with the installation, application usage or have feedback for us, please write to

To reach our sales team or for any other assistance, please write to or call us on +1 (415) 735-3143.

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