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Advanced Field Service

Dynamics Software

Advanced Field Service allows organizations to deliver intelligent, world class field service.

Dynamics Software Dynamics 365 Advanced Field Service contains additional functionality on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service such as extended case management integration, customer asset structure designer, customer asset properties, warranty and agreement coverage.

Key Features
  • Case integration with Customer Assets and Agreements
  • Complaint, Cause & Solution codes
  • Improved Case to Work Order integration
  • Customer Asset auto-numbering based on Asset Type & Asset Group
  • Customer Asset Warranty
  • Customer Asset Structure Designer
  • Customer Asset Templates & Designer
  • Customer Asset Properties
  • Customer Asset Address
  • Warranty Work Order integration
  • Customer Asset Address Work Order integration
  • Agreement Customer Asset Relation
  • Agreement Coverage
  • Coverage Work Order integration
  • Customer Location integration
  • Enhance business operations
  • Improved visibility in Case Management of customer's Installed Base, Agreements and Customer Locations
  • Ability to setup the general Warranty Terms of your company, which can be applied to Customer Assets automatically
  • Automatic detection of Warranty in Work Orders
  • Ability to create Customer Asset structures via drag & drop in designer
  • Ability to define a Customer Asset specific address
  • Improved integration between Customer Assets and Agreements
  • Ability to setup the general Coverage Terms of your company, which can be applied to Agreements automatically
  • Automatic detection of Agreement Coverage in Work Orders
  • Improved efficiency on Work Order completion and posting
  • Integration between Customer Locations and Customer Assets

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