Buying Center Relationship Management

by Tohoom

Ramp up your account based selling strategy with Tohoom’s B2B Buying Center relationship solution

While our customers' buying processes were once predictable, they have become ever increasingly non-linear with a larger number of buying committee influencers that appear at irregular time intervals during the sales cycle. Based on this, Gartner has identified these chief sales officer success initiatives impacting success:

  • Accelerating early pipeline
  • Driving effectiveness of key account programs
  • Improving customer retention and loyalty

Tohoom can help you achieve these initiatives by managing buying center relationships and monitoring the customer's buying jobs. Additionally, Tohoom manages relationship responsibility across all pursuit team members. This increases the quality and quantity of opportunities in the pipeline which drives significant growth and revenue.

Why choose Tohoom?

Business leaders know that prospective efforts are only as strong as the data that fuels them. Identifying key stakeholders and properly documenting all sales efforts is key to getting to know prospects that make the buying decisions.

Tohoom’s B2B Solution was created for all organizations looking to rapidly grow their business and relationships via buying center relationship management. With the understanding that success in business–to–business sales require more than one exceptional sales quarter, Tohoom designed their B2B Solution to help sales teams continuously cultivate and close large, profitable deals – quarter over quarter…all while answering these top questions:

  • Where are your next big deals coming from? 
  • Do you have enough large deals in your pipeline to hit next quarter’s quota?  What about the quarter after that? 
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