Hitachi Solutions Engage for Health Plans

Hitachi Solutions

Purpose Built Relationship Management for the Health Plan Industry

With five out-of-the-box health plan specific modules, Hitachi Solutions Engage for Health Plans enables your team to focus on all aspects of your business and the customer life cycle.

  • Group Plan Administration: Process plan onboarding and renewals quickly and efficiently giving everyone full visibility into the process and clear next actions to drive completion.
  • Group and Individual Sales Management: Better convert leads and help sales and marketing collaborate on winning premiums. The Group and Individual Sales Management module provides dashboards, performance management, and automated tasks to help you execute better across the entire lead to-premium life cycle.
  • Distribution Relationship Module: Make it easier for your distributors to work with you and turn the strength of your distributor relationships into a powerful competitive differentiator.
  • Member Care: Truly focus on providing superior member services by giving everyone a complete view of member information along with intuitive service tools. The Member Care module helps you provide better service in the call center and manage interactions across service, marketing, billing, and all other touchpoints.
  • Provider Services: Hitachi Solutions Engage for Health Plans helps store, represent and manage all the complexities in provider information and relationships.

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Health Plans is now compatible with the Dynamics Healthcare Accelerator.


Hitachi Solutions offers deep industry expertise combined with decades of experience providing high-value solutions that deliver rapid return on investment. Our implementation methodology is designed to give you a faster, lower-risk implementation and rapid adoption through proven best practices.

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