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InoLink: QuickBooks Integration for Dynamics CRM


Cloud based integration solution integrating accounting system Intuit QuickBooks with Dynamics 365

InoLink is a cloud based integration tool that integrates data between Intuit QuickBooks and Dynamics365/CRM. It meets your accounting needs from within Dynamics 365/CRM. InoLink characteristically provides 360 degree view of customer that helps in understanding their historical data as aging balances, transaction history and totals. You can also view customer recent transactions, top customer and other information in Accounting Dashboards within Dynamics 365/CRM. InoLink avoids duplication of data in Dynamics 365/CRM and Intuit QuickBooks.

This integration tool allows you to sync one or more QuickBooks company with single instance of Dynamics 365/CRM. It also facilitates processing of real time data from Dynamics 365/CRM to QuickBooks in a secure channel. Presently, InoLink supports USA, UK, Canada and Australian version of QuickBooks. It is available for CRM 2016/above and is Online and Partner-Hosted.


  • Multiple QuickBooks Company: One instance of Dynamics 365/CRM can be synced with one or more QuickBooks Company
  • Accounting View of Customer: View customer balances and aging details from within Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Send Quote/Order/Invoices to QuickBooks: Send Quotes/Order/Invoices from Dynamics365/CRM to QuickBooks
  • Tax Calculation for Quote/Order/Invoices: By using this feature user can enables calculating tax for Quote/Order/Invoices within Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Transaction History of QuickBooks: View transaction history of QuickBooks with a detailed view within Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Two Way Sync: There is two way sync of Account, Contact and Product from/to Dynamics CRM to QuickBooks and vice versa
  • Avoids Data Duplication: Duplication of data is prevented on both systems
  • Easy Configuration: Data sync details along with polling intervals can be easily configured, also supports CRM custom fields mapping with OOB QB Fields for unique or complex business processes
  • Secure: Accounting fields can be secured through field level security
  • Accounting Dashboard: View recent transactions, top customers, pending Invoices, etc. in Accounting Dashboard
  • Cloud Based: Based on Microsoft Azure