Sync Dynamics 365 CRM Security Model with SharePoint

Sync Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint security privileges to diminish security risk while storing documents/attachments in SharePoint. Restrict user’s level of access in SharePoint to the same level that is assigned to them in Dynamics 365 CRM. Furthermore, replicate any changes made to Dynamics 365 CRM security privileges in SharePoint.

SharePoint Security Sync is available for Dynamics CRM 8.2 and above, Dataverse (Power Apps). It supports the following deployment models - On-Premises with IFD & Online.



  • Manage Security: Access to SharePoint Folders controlled by the security roles defined in Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Real Time Sync: Auto-sync privileges upon changes in user privileges based on sharing of the record or adding the user to a team
  • Historic Folder Security: Sync the security privileges for existing folders associated with Dynamics 365 CRM records
  • Multiple SharePoint Site and Folder Support: Connect and actively manage files and folders on more than one SharePoint sites and folders
  • Drag & Drop: Friendly UI to drag and drop multiple files and folders to upload them all at once
  • Create Link: Generate anonymous links to the documents to share the documents outside of your organization
  • Email: Email the files directly as attachments or links to documents from within Dynamics 365 CRM without multiple clicks to download and attach the files
  • File management: Deep Search, View, Rename and Delete files from SharePoint provided you have the necessary privileges assigned
  • Single Sign-on: Perform all actions in the context of logged-in user
  • Email Configuration: Support for setting default from, to, cc and bcc for an email using Email Configuration
  • DocuSign Integration: Seamless integration with DocuSign for eSignature
  • Hierarchy Structure: Store CRM records in SharePoint on the basis of hierarchy
  • Open Folder: Open folders present on SharePoint Site directly using Attach2Dynamics UI.

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