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Work 365

WORK 365

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Subscription Management and Billing Automation built on Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Partners

Work 365 is the market leading Subscription Management and Billing Automation solution built on Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Partners in the CSP program

Dynamics 365 Customer engagement plan includes Sales, Service, Marketing, Field Service, PSA and self-services portals are applications that are available to partners through their Internal Use Rights also called IURs.

Work 365 is designed and built to leverage these Applications that you are already using like Sales to improve your overall customer experience, reduce your cost of service, scale your business and increase your Gross Margins by enabling capabilities like Self-Service, Product bundling, Automatic Provisioning, Automatic Subscription Billing for your entire landscape.

Work 365 is built entirely on Dynamics 365 so you (the partner) control and manage all the data in your own Dynamics 365 instance so the integration is easy and simple to any other systems.
Work 365 creates game changing opportunities for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Partners and VARs

Subscription Management: Includes Automated Billing and Provisioning, Manage your own Product and Service Offerings along with Services from any other Distributor or ISV/Manufacturer. Use the Dynamics 365 Product catalog directly to provision bundles and subscriptions. Automatically track Subscription Change logs for billing and audit purposes. Direct Integration with Partner Center for Azure Billing, and License Management. System automatically generates Azure Invoices along with usage details for your end customers. You can provision and manage Usage, License and Service based Subscriptions.

Major Features:

  • Create Unique Product and Service Offerings
  • Payments collections and ERP/Accounting system integration
  • Sales incentives and commission calculations
  • Portals, Billing, Provisioning, Order History
  • Multiple Vendors, Multiple Locations, Multi-Currency
  • Self-Service: Customers can easily manage their subscriptions, add subtract licenses and, view the change logs and history of their subscriptions, invoices and azure usage using their Office 365 credentials.


  • Scale Your Cloud and Recurring business
  • Create Fans out of your customers
  • Work 365 delivers peace of Mind

In ALL countries and currencies where Dynamics 365 is Supported!

Work 365 can be used by both direct and indirect billing partners to manage their end to end customer life cycle efficiently. Use Work 365 to satisfy the Microsoft CSP direct bill requirements for a billing automation solution. Most effective way to getting started with Work 365 is through the onboarding service

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