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Multiple File Uploader

Upload or Download Multiple Files at One Go.

MTC has developed yet another innovative Microsoft CRM add-on named Multi-File Uploader. The main purpose of Multi-File Uploader is to allow CRM users and administrators to upload/download multiple files (word, excel, pdf, WinRAR, etc.) to various entities (e.g. accounts, contacts, etc.) which is otherwise not possible through simple CRM functionality. As a result, CRM users and administrators are largely benefitted as they can now upload/download all important files at one go saving time and energy while enhancing the productivity.

How does it benefit your Organization?

  • Upload/Download multiple files at one go and become more productive.
  • Applicable on all entities giving you the freedom of choice.
  • All major file types are supported.
  • Quick to configure and easy to use.
  • Save time and energy which can be used elsewhere for different priorities.