Data Mask Tool for Dataverse

by Pascalcase Software Private Limited

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What's Test Drive?

Test Drive duration: 48 hours

Makes your sandbox environments more secure by replacing sensitive data with dummy data.

Data Mask tool for Dataverse is a powerful tool designed to secure your sandbox environments by replacing sensitive data with dummy data. The tool employs techniques such as masking, anonymization, and obfuscation to ensure that confidential data is safeguarded during development, testing, and training activities. With Data Mask tool, users can effortlessly select the fields to be masked or deleted, as well as employ pre-built formats for generating realistic yet fictitious data.

You can use the Test Drive option to give the tool a spin. The tool is offered as a model-driven app. As part of the configuration, you must specify which tables/attributes to mask. Please contact us; we would be pleased to provide a demo.

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