EDU365 Student Management

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EDU365, leveraging Dynamics 365 to provide a framework for the higher education industry

EDU365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages the power of Dynamics 365 to provide a framework for the higher education industry to support the end-to-end lifecycle of a student from admissions through to graduation and alumni management.

EDU365 for Microsoft Dynamics allows institutions to define curriculum structures including Qualifications, Programs and Modules. You can manage the Programs and Modules that your institution offers within defined periods.

Throughout the student journey, the student is managed in accordance with entry and progression rules that the institution defines in their admissions and academic policies. A full student record provides a student history. Administrative needs such as managing schedules and attendance are met through the core EDU365 features.

EDU365 provides institutions with the ability to manage the recruitment of students. Standard marketing functionality allows you to tailor campaigns and events across multiple channels to attract the best students. You can automate marketing interactions and get insights into prospect and student data to make more informed decisions.

EDU365 for Dynamics 365 allows for self-service features in inquiry, admissions, registration and student administration areas such as online grades and billing to efficiently and effectively deliver a better student experience - faculty and students can access information from any device.

Enrollment functionality provides the ability to collect student and application information and evaluate these against institution requirements. Program and Module requirements are compared against student admission records to determine eligibility and mange compliance when accepting a student.

Communication tools and analytics are available to easily track communication and increase conversion rates, providing a basis for improved engagement with prospects and students. Business insight means that team leaders can better manage teams, assign task and manage results.

EDU365 provides flexible grade management. Program and Module requirements for the attainment of a module or qualification including credit values, grade requirements, and pre-requisites can be managed through degree evaluation with a student’s record to ensure a student has met requirements before conferring a qualification.

A single view of the student ensures that you can maintain an alumni relationship with a student post-graduation.

Microsoft’s highly visual dashboards and in-depth reporting allow you to analyse which programs are connecting with prospective students. Leveraging AI functionality via social media platforms means you can target student intent with tailored offers. It helps you to see potential problems and make operational and strategic decisions based on these.

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