Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform

by Recursive Labs, Inc

Simple, secure digital engagement capabilities software includes no-download video and voice chat.

Recursive Labs is the leader in visually-based digital customer engagement tools like 1-click simple cobrowsing, full desktop screenshare, inbound video chat, & more.. With a patented visual engagement platform, your agents interface live to provide remote support for customers on any device. No downloads required.

Recursive Labs customer engagement capabilities include no-download video and voice chat, patented cobrowsing, session archival recording, and the ability to live stream video from any mobile device in a few clicks.

This is the first cross-device solution built from the ground up for security-conscious industries, while still offering the ease of use and simplicity today’s customers need.

Some of our common use cases include customer support, online sales enablement, customer onboarding, field service, video chat, mobile app support and identity verification.

Our open API platform includes:

Realtime - The industry's most secure, cross-platform, patented cobrowsing solution. Interact in real time with your customers on any website, desktop, mobile web and native mobile applications.The Realtime family offers three versions: a secure read only, a collaborative, and a full screen share.

Relate Video - No-download, in-browser voice and video chat. One-click launch from the browser or an easy escalation from text chat or bots.

Relate SMS – Configurable ability to video chat or video stream from a mobile device without the need for a mobile app or any additional download. Just text from within Dynamics, touch a link on the other side and stream live. Grab images from the stream, mark them up with instructions and send them to accelerate resolution. Great for field service, support, video chatting and identity verification.

Request Live – Next Generation, convergent video chat platform that enables inbound call queuing. Brings along data from the application with the call for intelligent routing and integrates easily with any of the Realtime family for instant cobrowsing or screen sharing.

Record – Session archival and playback capabilities for compliance and training.

The Recursive Labs Microsoft Dynamics integration enables agents to escalate to cobrowse or video chat from chat or support with a single click. Interact with customers directly inside the CRM - no new tabs or windows. Automatically attach session data to your trouble tickets for reporting/auditing purposes. View session recordings right from within the ticket. Implementation is simple, fast, and effective meaning you can be operational in a matter of hours.

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