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Spend more time selling and less time performing administrative tasks with Showpad on Dynamics 365.

Showpad is the world's most powerful sales enablement platform - focused on helping sales teams deliver the best buyer experience through smarter and more relevant conversations with their customers and prospects.

Benefits for Sales:
  • Discover, present and share all sales materials – even when offline
  • Customize your presentations for any conversation
  • Deliver a superior buying experience
  • Get notified when prospects interact with your shared materials
  • Easily log all sharing activities to Microsoft Dynamics
Benefits for Marketing:
  • Take full control over content
  • Equip sales with the latest, on-brand content in immersive environments
  • Measure the impact of marketing content on sales results
  • Create content that is more effective

All interactions with shared content are viewable in Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving sales in-depth insights into any deal. This helps to easily identify how engaged a prospect is, and to provide a more accurate sales forecast. Additionally, sales managers can now understand the behavior of their most successful reps, and share best practices with the rest of the team.

With Showpad’s Dynamics 365 integration, you can:

  • View all content shared with any Account, Opportunity, Contact or Lead
  • View how your prospects are engaging with content in MSFT Dynamics 365