SOS for D365

by Team Sales Development Inc (TSD)

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SOS helps increase win-rate and revenue by qualifying & managing deals more effectively!


"SOS for D365" Helps Sales Professionals Sell, Sales Managers Manage, and D365 Partners Successfully Implement D365 for Sales!

SOS for D365 is a visual qualification and deal strategy process/tool used to help move the deal forward to closure.

The Opportunity Snapshot Assessment® supports Opportunity Qualification, Competitive Strategy, Value Prop, Action Items, and Influence Map, consisting of an overview of key client executives and other stakeholders involved with the customer buying process.

SOS is accompanied by interactive workshop which teaches the SOS Methodology, the tool, and most importantly, the mind-set around Consultative Selling.

*FREE TRIAL - Install the App and try the Snapshot portion of SOS for D365 free for 14 days.

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