UDS Duplicate Checker


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Perform all actions with duplicate records in one interface

We have created an add-on that simplifies the revision of duplicate records in your Dynamics 365. With UDS Duplicate Checker you do not need to use standard Duplicate Detection Settings / Rules / Jobs. The add-on has a single interface divided into two parts. The left part covers all the pre-search activities, the right one — viewing search results and further work with duplicates.

UDS Duplicate Checker offers two ways for starting duplicate detection. You can set search criteria or select previously saved ones. Your own criteria sets are protected from deletion by other users.

The solution provides a flexible list of actions that you can perform with the detected groups of duplicates. Also, you can apply the same action to several groups at once. But to play it safe, such a scenario can be carried out only page by page. Upon completion of the selected actions, you will see a progress report.

What else is remarkable about this tool? UDS Duplicate Checker can handle more than 5000 records, and it does not matter whether the records were made through the user interface or pulled from the databases.

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