Accesa Process Management


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Enhance the flow of processes managed through SharePoint

Accesa Process Management is an app which can be bound to a list or library in your SharePoint site. After configuration, it allows you to handle lists easier and interact with their components in a user-friendly way.

The 80/20 rule of efficiency is relevant for almost any field of activity. Furthermore, day-to-day activities – which usually take most of your time - may slow you down. That being acknowledged, we tried to intervene in reducing the time which is spent on controlling a process’ progress.

We created an app which transforms the way you interact with your SharePoint lists. More precisely, we rethought the way you can visualize, add & modify any kind of activity - in order to achieve a smoother progress.

The result? An app to work with hand-in-hand. Literally. The more you use it, the faster you tick your tasks and save time to solve other issues – as you go along - making it easier to advance through the day.

The application can be used in very different contexts: from Sales to Product Development, Recruiting Processes or personal Kanban-style task management. One instance of the app can be connected to one list. You can create more instances and, furthermore, create and configure more lists.

Working style - transformed

- enhance task monitoring: color tasks by priority, status or other grouping criteria

- view all your activities or your colleagues' activities in a single glance

- drag, drop, filter, edit and group items and tasks in order to have better control of the overall process relevant to each procedure or plan

Designed for better process efficiency

- increases user adoption for your intranet implementation

- helps you stay focused on moving forward and getting things done

- allows for better process control and organization;

- enables evaluating progress in a single glance;

- allows visual branding by choosing app’s color.

Organize faster

- intuitively use drag & drop to move items and change their status

- add various filtering and grouping criteria for better organization

- filter & group items by selecting one grouping term and one filtering criteria

- easily add new items and tasks

- quick-edit the visible fields directly from the app view

- possibility to open the form in full-edit mode

The App can be used with Office 365 or on-premise.