Project Zero

Rahul Prabhune

The military does it. So does the NSA. Here is a corporate version for you!

Are you looking for an application which will not only enable you to collaborate within and across teams but would also bring a new dimension to your work? The concept comes straight from military and NSA books – ‘red and blue team’, where a blue team defends and the red team attacks. This concept is broken down in a much more meaningful and flexible way, that would make sense in corporate world. Deep down under this application is one of a kind and never see before discussion forum, where you can filter comments, based on user’s perspective.

Important – Project Zero is not going to talk to any external service and only needs read permission to access basic information of your SharePoint site. From security prospect, PZ is completely isolated and can be used both in Office 365 and on premise environments.

Below are the major features this application provides:

1. Customize the look of the application as per your site's branding to provide continuous user interface.

2. Manage user permissions at granular level for application, projects and tags.

3. Engage a new topics for discussion with an option to attach files.

4. Comment on the topic with your perspective - ‘Agree’, ‘Differ’, ‘Answer’, ‘Question’, ‘Conclude’.

5. Filter these comments based on users’ perspectives to gain meaningful outcome.

6. Reply on other’s comment with your perspective.

Note: PZ is user friendly and no separate training is required, provided you has basic end user knowledge on SharePoint.

At a glance