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DocSend for Outlook


Track, control, and update the documents you email...even after you hit send.

Track, control, and update the key business documents you send right within Outlook. Instead of sending email attachments, sending DocSend links enables you to see who's viewing your content, understand page-by-page engagement, restrict access, or make updates even after you hit send.

What if you knew who reads your documents and what content people read the most? Leave attachments behind and start sending DocSend links.

Key features:

  • Stay in control after you send: update your content at any time, and your recipients will only see the latest version. Secure your content with a passcode or expiration date, or shut off access to a document at any time.
  • Understand page-by-page engagement: see how much time each visitor spends on each page, telling you what content resonates most with them.
  • Know who is viewing your content: optionally require new visitors to provide their email address to access your documents so that you know who exactly is viewing them.
  • Get notified instantly of new visits: visit notification emails tell you when to reach out.
  • Make it easy for your recipients: DocSend links are mobile-friendly and avoid attachment file size limits.
  • Save time with instant access to all your important documents: upload new documents to DocSend on-the-fly and never have to worry about searching through your hard drive to find them again.
  • Optimize your content: aggregate engagement stats tell you which pages your recipients engage with most and where they most often drop off so you can fine tune your message.
  • Coordinate with your team: team folders keep your team in sync and make sure everyone is always using the latest version of your documents.

Thousands of professionals rely on DocSend every day to send their key business documents. Salespeople in particular leverage DocSend to:

  • Provide a simple buying experience: DocSend links, unlike attachments, won’t clog your prospect’s inbox or get caught in spam.
  • Shorten sales cycles: know who’s engaging with your sales and marketing collateral and when.
  • Live Present: walk people through your pitch live over the phone. A personal URL with a no-install experience for viewers keeps the focus on your message and not fumbling with how to view your content.
  • Put their best foot forward: the entire DocSend viewer is customizable with your company’s logo and your company name in link URLs. [Included with the DocSend Business plan]
  • Sync visit data back to Salesforce: review engagement and know who to follow up with right within Salesforce. [Included with the DocSend Enterprise plan]
Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can send data over the Internet
  • This add-in can access and modify personal information in the active message, such as the body, subject, sender, recipients, and attachment information. It may send this data to a third-party service. Other items in your mailbox can’t be read or modified.