OneShare – Provision and Manage DevOps on Azure

by SogetiO365

Dev Test Environment Manager

Organize, start, stop, schedule (and snooze) Azure VM’s and stay within your Azure MSDN benefit boundaries.

The OneShare Office Add-in provides insight, control and self servicing for Azure VM's on top of Azure within Office 365.

The OneShare Office Add-in provides a clean overview of your MSDN VM's with categories and estimation alerts. With the easy schedule configuration and start stop alerts you are full in control how our Azure VM's are used.

Next to the personal OneShare MSDN Office Add-in there is also a OneShare Enterprise App available. For details contact Sogeti.

In case of problem in directly adding OneShare MSDN app to Office 365 Developer account please refer to below given steps:

• Create App Catalog(if not created).

• Go to MSDN app in SharePoint store and click on Request Approval(if unable to Add it directly).

• In App catalog, approve the request for OneShare MSDN app to be added(requires Office 365 SharePoint tenant administrator account).

• Add it to the site.

Office support article for Request App Installation Permissions can be found on following link:

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